Ozempic Costs

Ozempic can vary in pricing. Learn more below about this drug and how it compares in regards to pricing, especially when used for weight management.

Ozempic Cost

The Cost of Ozempic

The cost of Ozempic (semaglutide) varies significantly depending on several factors, including dosage, insurance coverage, and location. Here are some key points about its pricing:

Retail Prices:

Without insurance, the price of Ozempic typically ranges from $730 to $1,400 for a monthly supply, depending on the dosage and pharmacy. For example, a 3 mL solution of Ozempic (2 mg dose) costs around $1,029.35, which translates to about $343.12 per mL​ (Drugs.com)​.

Insurance and Discounts:

For those with commercial insurance, Ozempic offers savings programs that can reduce the cost to as little as $25 for a 30-day prescription, with savings up to $150 per fill​ (Drugs.com)​.

Additionally, patient assistance programs may provide significant discounts or even free medication for eligible low-income or uninsured patients​ (Drugs.com)​.

Price Increases:

The cost of Ozempic has risen recently, with Novo Nordisk increasing its price by 3.5% to approximately $970 per month as of early 2024. This increase is part of a broader trend affecting many brand-name medications​ (Drugwatch.com)​.

International Comparisons:

The cost of Ozempic in the United States is considerably higher than in other countries. For instance, a one-month supply can cost around $936 in the U.S., whereas in Japan, it is about $169​ (Drugwatch.com)​.

These factors contribute to a wide range of costs for Ozempic, making it essential for patients to explore available discounts and assistance programs to manage the financial burden of this medication.


$600006 weeks
  • 1ml/2.5mg


$8500012 weeks
  • 3ml/12.75mg


$1000003 Mos
  • 50mg/5ml

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